Designer at work

Now thats SL for you. Find a sandbox, put your office there, do your work, take your office and go home! Look carefully, in the middle of the bubble is the designer at work. Like a cameleon, she uses the surroundings to make her clothes.

All thats missing is the ‘do not disturb’ sign… but an occasional shout does the job just as well and if really gets busy, just elevate the office to a few 100 meters.


3 Responses to “Designer at work”

  1. kip152 Says:

    You’ve got some really amazing work here.

  2. Chastity DeCuir Says:

    Mel, you freak, write me a line sometime! I miss you so much, hon. Just let me know you are okay. Please.

    • Melody Platthy Says:

      the world is not the same without you! But this being Switzerland, we live in a cocoon. FL is pretty busy and SL is like sex.. once is too much, 10 times not enough! Went back in the other day (and just missed you) and found my wonderful pyramid-house has disappeared and what was my garden turned into an industrial zone. Times change!
      If I could limit myself to an hour every now and then.. would be super.. but u know what SL is like!
      Hugs and kisses, etc! ( I still have our photos)

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