Designer at work

June 4, 2007

Now thats SL for you. Find a sandbox, put your office there, do your work, take your office and go home! Look carefully, in the middle of the bubble is the designer at work. Like a cameleon, she uses the surroundings to make her clothes.

All thats missing is the ‘do not disturb’ sign… but an occasional shout does the job just as well and if really gets busy, just elevate the office to a few 100 meters.


Looks are deceptive

May 20, 2007

Now here is one I like…

‘Help .. help’ cried the girl, as the warewolf slowly approched the edge of the castle wall, about to reveal an 80 meter drop into the turbulent ocean. He suddenly stopped as a few moonrays cut through the thick mist forming a long shadow on the tower wall. His shadow was red! With an abrupt movement he turned around to face the disappearing moon, uttered a violent rage-filled howl, dropped the girl and disappeared into the castle.

Actually, the two were dancing to a slow blues melody – looks deceive.



May 16, 2007

Avatar Darkover

May 16, 2007

Well, in the series of my favourite avatars –  nothing to do with the personality behind the avatar – just the pure look – this is one of my favourite.

When you see it from far, it is black and menacing, head down, face invisible. I was lucky to catch this pic at her favourite watering hole!

Not the best photo but  it shows both sides.

Warren the veteran

May 15, 2007

Warren Ellis, a journalist working for the very respectable Reuters news agency, is now a SL veteran and it seems is totally battle-scarred. 😦 Have a loot at one of his recent posts:

The poor boy has realy had a hard time in SL: he lost half his toys, he cant teleport any more, he cant group IM or  send notices to his groupies – and it seems he is always being punished.

Warren, IM me and I will give u a big hug to cheer u up! Life is not so bad!

But he does make a point or two (other than giving a few cool places) : there are lots of people complaining – they cant get in, things are slow, etc. etc. One of his remarks struck me:

“LL is being taken to task by business operators and inworld veterans who would very much like to know why they’ve been courted by LL and then left out to dry by a non-functional operating system.”

(LL is Linden Labs, the owner, designer, etc of SL)

Are we talking about a political platform, election promises, a new public service or a mega-billion $ developemnt project where  the liveleyhood of thousands of families are at stake?

I thought SL was a game – for fun and amusement – for learning – and of course,the inevitable few make a some kopeks so you can imagine my surprise when I learn that there are ‘business operators’. I did read that most of the land was taken early on by a handful of people at very low rates – I guess they had ‘vision’ and especially, LL initially failed to see the profit potential – which is to their credit. This is a GAME.

Anyway, my thought when I read Warren’s article, and some SL gripe blogs, was that human nature is sometimes strange – given a ‘second chance’, people will do the same silly things they do in their ‘first chance’ life. SL is almost constraint-free, you get to do almost what you want, nearly everything is free or almost free (which is good since everything is virtual anyway), you get to meet real people in a nearly no risk context, with a bit of effort you can try so many things you can’t do in real life – and if it works in SL there are chances it works in RL  – and its all just a GAME.

So Warren the veteran, are you going to make us benefit from your large experience in SL and tell us why u love it and spend so many of your nights there? I will take you to dinner in my favourite spot if you do!



Month 1

May 12, 2007

Well, today is my 1st month birthday – so no long post, just a nice celebration! I will go out to RL and have a good time and drink some champagne to my SL birthday and SL friends – hips.



7th may, a date to remember

May 8, 2007

Well, yesterday was an important day… for the first time since being ‘born’ is SL, I did not log in – not even to peek. Actually, its 22 hours since I logged out but thats good enough.

So its the  first full RL (Real Life) day of my SL. Time for a pause and a reflection on what I have done so far.

One thing for sure, I have stuffed my bags (inventory in SL language) with all sorts of free stuff – I must be able to :

1) dress dozens of people, 

2) populate a fair sized land developement – houses, trees, plants, furniture,

3) organise a stock car race, an air show, fly into space

and I pass. Oh, I also have an M60 and a star wars laser thingy – one of the two is always dissuasive!

Organising the inventory is a real challenge. All the stuff I take is putin a ‘to see’ folder. Then, when I have an hour or so, I will go to a sandbox (I always thought thats where cats and dogs went to pee but in SL, you can go there to try things out.. build stuff, etc. ) and try out my treasures. For the more intimate things, its easy.. you just put up your house, add a few  bits of furniture, close the doors and thats it – you are generally left alone. Whatever you leave behind is returned to you after a few hours – which is pretty civilised if you think about it.

I have also earned some money – nothing much in real terms – but 2000 linden $. Thats the currency there. On the free market, you get about 250 L$ to the US$. Now I wonder if I need to declare my bank account there to the tax authorities?

I have lots of friends – and some really nice ones, that share what they learnt, show you places, give you gadgets or more seriously, share their experiences and desires. The problem is always choosing which friends to be with… one guy I met told me he was submerged by IMs (Instant messaging – you communicate generally on a 1 to 1 level with other SLers). I guess most SLers know the feeling.. all of a sudden, just when you need to focus, tons of friends send you IMs or ask you to teleport to where they are. The sad thing is you have to say no to some of them.

So it really looks like I’m soon going to have to focus a bit – or do I really need to?  Hmmm… time for bed!


May 3, 2007

I did try adding a few wrinkles and ‘caracter traits’ but looks like we are all destined, in the  standard models, to be peachy perfect.. ho humm…



SL look

May 3, 2007


OK so this is what I look like in SL. Just the ordinary lass you cross on any street corner there. Actually, I’m only 6 foot tall and smaller (in every sense) than everybody… except perhaps the doggy avatars. Plastic surgeons will go broke here!

Only geeks know what an avatar is. Originally its a sanskrit word for ‘incarnation’ but was reserved for deities’ worldly descents. I met some angels in SL so it just may be true! Avatars are the visual representation you chose when in SL. Your look!

So are we all gods ‘descending’ into the lowly SL ? I have my doubts but it could be an interesting place to start thinking of a scenario ‘a la Matrix’.

Anyway, the only deviation from ‘normality’ I allowed myself was the blue hair. Its different enough to make people recognise me (ah.. the blue-haired chick!) – a nice asset here.

Do I like my avatar? After a week or three I am getting petty used to it and enjoy more and more the ‘ordinary’ side of me. Time will tell!



I found the very first pic I took – real prude!

Week 1

May 1, 2007

Week 1 was great fun.. I stayed in the sheltered newbie environment of Help Island – I had peeked in SL at a friends place and decided that a week in a nice sheltered place – to discover the basics and make friends was a good idea. Once you leave Help Island for main land, you can’t come back. Thats a good thing.. it means there are fewer experienced SLers to prey on unsuspecting ‘babies’.

 Anyway, I don’t regret it! Having started together with other people, going through a learning and dsicovery process together sure makes for good friends. I left there with 30 or so friends, learnt a lot from them and hopefully helped some out.